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Cataloging Committee

  • Members

John Wright (BYU-Lee), Chair
Michael Freeman (UVU), Council Liaison

Cheryl Adams (USU)
Lynn Anderson (Snow)
Holly Bowden (Weber)
Valeri Craigle (UU-Quinney)
Loralyn Felix (SUU)
Kristin Johnson (SLCC)
Brandon Metcalf (LDS Church History)
Jeremy Myntti (UU-Marriott)
Diane Raines (Westminster), Chair 2010-11
Linda Roholt (State Library)
Keith Rowley (UVU)
Dale Swensen (BYU-Hunter), Chair 2011-12
Michael Thelin (UU-Eccles)
David Zielke (Dixie)

  • Committee Charge

February 3, 2009

1) Training

a) Keep committee members informed about RDA and FRBR training opportunities. Monitor the Library of Congress progress with RDA through 2009. Examine future impact on ILS systems.

b) Look into sponsoring one session with an FBR/RDA specialist for the group and other interested parties.

c) Research potential training opportunities for a review/full training of NACO procedures so all members have access to establishing name headings through the Mountain West funnel or independently.

2) Ebook Resources

a) Share experiences and explore optimal procedures for keeping MARC records in our online catalogs current for e-book vendors, whose Web delivered products are continually evolving.

3) Discuss current issues

  • Advocacy for libraries in touch economic times (i.e. how to cut costs, improve efficiency)
  • Outsourcing
  • Current coding changes (i.e. series 440 field)
  • OLE/Open source alternatives
  • Migration tips/experiences from Horizon to new ILS
  • OCLC record policy change
  • Discussion List

  • Committee Workspace
    including meeting minutes

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